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Yogananta offers free guided meditations on Potters Bar community radio.

Every Thursday night. show begins at 8pm meditation starts at 8.30pm.

“By relaxing effort and fixing the mind on the infinite [Ananta], asana is perfected
– Pantanjali yoga sutra 2.47

Yogananta is a subsidiary of Leaps and bounds gymnastics Ltd.

Dedication: To my first guru.
My inspiration, my aspiration
My father Hansraj Sampath.

Our Classes and club rules

Monday 11am Gentle Yoga Oakmere youth and community centre,

TEMPORARILY CLOSED 9 Fetherstone Cl, Potters Bar EN6 5NS.

Tuesday 7.30pm Adult Yoga Cranborne Primary school
Laurel fields, Potters Bar EN6 2BA

Friday 10am Adult Yoga – Online
Saturday 11.00am Kids yoga Online
Saturday 12.00 Family Yoga Online

At Yoganata we only offer holistic yoga classes incorporating as much of the eight fold path as we can within an asana session. As a student you will be expected to respect this and participate in all aspects of the class.

Please don’t forget to inform me of any ailments/ injuries or illnesses that you may have prior to starting.

What to wear – Please wear comfortable clothing, Either loose trousers that allow plenty of room for stretching or Lycra. If shorts are worn they should be fitted Lycra. Tops should not be too loose as we will be in upside down positions and they may fall over your face if too loose. Yoga is best done bare footed, alternatively grippy yoga socks may be worn. Please bring a warm top, shawl or light blanket to keep you warm whilst we meditate as the body temperature commonly drops at this time.

Music – during the class music may be played to aid relaxation. This may include Mantras

Adult and child classes.

These classes may simply appear to be a yoga class shared by two family members, but they are also much more……

If your child suffers from stress, they will feel an immediate benefit, the meditation section will provide them with the life skills to manage stress.

If your child has insecurity issues, separation anxiety or is in anyway emotionally upset, the pranayama section which combines deep breathing with relaxation will help to re-ground them and strengthen your bonds between you. If your child has any special needs this reinforcement of bonding will help you both outside of the practice.  The meditation will help to stabilise them, and the techniques can be taken out of the class and followed in everyday stressful situations or even before bedtime to help settle your child.

Yoga is a very loving practice; it is just as much for the inflexible as the already flexible. We ask our bodies to perform – not demand – and accept the response.

Yoga is not a competition sport as we work to remove ego and judgement.  We learn to respect and understand our bodies. Progress is never pushed we evolve naturally in our practice within the sphere of our individual capabilities. Nevertheless, on a physical level your child’s strength and flexibility will improve along with reinforced confidence and self-acceptance.

Format – All classes

For explanations of terminology please see the glossary.

It is wonderful to have a good social network within the yoga community and I hope that you will bring your friends and make friends within the group. The yoga hall however is a place for contemplation and withdrawal. For this reason, on entering the hall please refrain from conversation and begin preparation for your session by silent meditation, relaxation or stretching as you wait for the class to begin.

We will remove our shoes outside of the hall and in this process we will be aware of our positive intention to leave the outside world out of the yoga hall and our practice.

Please note that if you arrive late for the class you will be expected to wait outside the hall until Pranayama is over in order not to disturb the class

Please try and practice your own pranayama as you wait to join the class.

The class will begin by chanting Ohm and will be followed by several minutes of various pranayama practices.

We will then commence our asana practice.

Asana will be followed by shavasana. I will guide you through to help you achieve a deep meditation.

We close our session as we began, by chanting ohm shanti

We will end the class with our Karmic pledge – a small homework to enforce our yogic path. We will take turns choosing what that may be. Examples could be.

Say hello and smile to a stranger today.

Say thank you to someone that shows you a kindness.

Leave out some seeds for the wild birds. ……….

For more details of the different classes please see Price guides.