Adult classes – Gentle Yoga.  For beginners / Elderly.  £8.00 per session. £6 for over 65’s

  • A gentle yoga class to keep you moving, increase flexibility, strengthen, de stress and balance the body.

Adult class. Yoga.           £8.00 block of 4 £30.00

  • The perfect combination of breathing, asana and meditation to help balance the body and mind, strengthen, and increase flexibility.

Adult and child class. One hour.  £12 per pair

  • We will start with a few minutes of pranayama to focus the mind and balance the body.

An opportunity for a parent / grandparent to practice with a youngster. The session will encourage calmness, bonding and mutual trust. This class offers a wonderful opportunity for an adult and child to share their yogic journey.  During the class participants may do any of the following.

  •  practice separately alongside their partner.
  • Pair with their partner alternately stretching and being stretched.
  • Join together in meditation, sharing the peace and harmony to be found.
  • Learn the processes of pranayama and feel the balance and tranquility it brings.

Private sessions from £35

For a session in the comfort of your own home or as a small group.